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VAT free stamp

If you are an Irish business customer registered for Value Added Tax (VAT), then every single purchase from Polybags comes with VAT at zero rate (0%) - which equals a 23% saving on the same products purchased in Ireland.

To cash in on this VAT-busting deal, simply add your VAT number to the 'Additional Information' box in the checkout when making your first purchase. We'll then fully refund the VAT once verified, before setting you up with an account that means all subsequent orders will be automatically VAT-free.

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Polythene and poly bags - the perfect packaging combo

Polythene packaging

Whether you are shopping for polythene film on the roll or any of a huge range of polythene bags, then we've got you covered.

Polybags are manufacturers, so we can cater for your every polythene packaging need, whether you require stocked products available ready off-the-shelf or bespoke products made-to-measure to suit your specific needs.

We have over a million polythene bags in stock, along with a fantastic selection of plastic sheeting, poly film and layflat tubing on the roll.

We can't list our full product range here, but below you'll find outlined a few of the main types of polythene film and tubing popular with Polybags customers.

Polythene rolls

The term polythene rolls, or poly rolls for short, is used to describe a huge range of polythene film, tubing and sheeting on the roll - i.e. polythene wrapped around a cylindrical core that is dispensed by simply turning the roll and lifting the polythene.

The term covers a range of plastics serving a variety of purposes, from high clarity polypropylene display film - used to make retail products sparkly - to thick damp proof membrane - as used to provide a damp course in the building industry.

Wide sheeting

Often called builders rolls because of their popularity within the building trade, these sheets of polythene provide excellent protection for floors, surfaces and items of furniture during building and renovation work, such as painting and decorating. Sold on a 1m wide roll, builders rolls are available in clear or black sheeting and in medium or heavy duty options, folded either double or 4-fold across the roll.

Damp proof membrane

Damp proof membrane

Extra thick polythene sheeting used in the construction industry to help keep moisture out of building interiors.

Damp proof membrane, also known as DPM, is a membrane used as a crucial part of a damp proof course - a means of moisture control applied to floors and walls to keep moisture out of the building.

Damp proof membranes are made from recycled black or blue polythene and have a minimum thickness of 1,000 gauge. All membranes sold by Polybags are approved by the British Board of Agreement (BBA) for quality control.

Shrink pallet covers

Shrink covers are popular in the haulage industry for securing stacks of goods onto pallets to keep them stable during transportation or storage. Made from high-strength polythene, shrink covers are placed over the top of the goods and the pallet itself before a shrink gun is applied slowly across the whole surface of the cover. The heat from the shrink gun causes the polythene to contract, tighten and shrink tight, thus securing the contents to the pallet.

Display film rolls

Polypropylene film provides a crystal clear wrapping guaranteed to provide some added sparkle to retail products on display. Polypropylene is superior alternative to cellophane, as it provides higher clarity, greater strength and is cheaper.

When sold on the roll, polypropylene display film provides a handy way to wrap items of different shapes and sizes, which you can fasten with ties, ribbons, staples or a heat sealer. If you'd prefer to use bags rather than film, Polybags stocks a huge range of glossy display bags available off the shelf and ready to go at wholesale prices.

Layflat tubing

Layflat tubing

Polythene tubing, also know as layflat tubing or poly tubing, provides a handy and economical way to package or enclose objects of a similar width but varying lengths, or difficult-to-bag items such as plants, posters and light tubes.

Sold on the roll as per regular polythene film, layflat tubing is effectively a tube of polythene laid flat and wound around the core of a roll.

To wrap a product, simply insert it into the tubing, unwind the roll and cut to the required length, before heat sealing or taping one or both ends to create your own bag, either sealed or open.

Polybags stocks a huge range of layflat tubing in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and types of polythene, whilst we can also manufacture tubing to bespoke requirements. We also sell manually operated heat-sealers to permanently seal your wrapped goods.

Layflat tubing can be made from a huge range of polythene to suit a variety of tasks. Here are a few of the more popular types:

Low density polythene tubing - This film is made from 100% virgin low density polyethylene. The use of virgin polyethylene means it can be used for food packaging and service. Tubing can be heat sealed, stapled or taped at either one or both ends. Supplied on 12" diameter rolls (3" core).

Pink anti-static poly tubing - Surface resistivity of 1012 ohms/ Amine-free, pink anti-static tubing (PAS, pictured below) is an excellent choice for protecting sensitive components from static discharge and is ideal for packing circuit boards, resistors and other electrical components. Supplied on 12" diameter rolls (3" core).

Clean room tubing - Clean room tubing usually manufactured in a certified class 100 clean room. This stock clean polyethylene tubing is produced from barefoot resin that meets FDA &EFSA standards. It is wound on plastic cores and double bagged for added protection.

Pink antistatic layflat tubing

Black poly tubing - Produce tailor-made polythene bags to suit specific product requirements and keep your products concealed and confidential, using opaque black polythene layflat tubing.

Autoclavable layflat polypropylene tubing - Heat-resistant material which emits less odor when autoclaving. High gloss, transparent tubing, ideal for medical, dental, lab, or food service implements. Meets FDA and European specifications for food contact.

Polythene shrink film tubing - Inexpensive tubing which fits any shape. Simply insert item into tubing, heat seal ends and shrink with a heat gun. Protects from moisture, dirt, and tampering.

Black conductive tubing - Blow extrusion, black volume conductive tube material is produced in 150m rolls in 400 gauge polythene as standard, although 300 and 600 gauge are available on special orders. Made using black carbon impregnated into film to create an extra strong static barrier, black conductive tubing is ideal for light-sensitive products and explosives. Meets Faraday Cage protection for electronic applications.

UVI layflat tubing - Low density polythene with an added Ultra Violet Inhibitor (UVI) to extend life of the product in sunlight conditions.

EVA layflat tubing - Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) tubing in which an EVA additive is added to strengthen and improve sealability. Appropriate for use in cold-temperature applications.

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